Kloudation™ End-to-End Pricing

Hardware, Software, Networking & Manged IT

Never pay for more than you need and

never suffer with less than you want.

Your total cost is determined based on the following

Organizational Requirements

How much security, redundancy and advanced support is right for your business? We’ll discuss the options and help “right-size” your IT.

($0 – $795/mo) 


Number of Locations

Kloudation™ can easily support remote operations. If your business has multiple locations, we’ll provide an all-inclusive solution for the entire enterprise.  

($195 – $795/location/mo)


Desktop Performance

Select the computing resources you need for each employee. Add, remove, scale-up, and scale-down to meet your current needs with the flip of a switch.

($169 – $259/user/mo)


It’s that simple!

You can focus on managing your business and we’ll manage your IT. We’ll supply all hardware, software, setup, and ongoing IT management for one low monthly price. The above pricing is for our Basic and Standard levels of service. For businesses with more advanced requirements, we will prepare a detailed custom estimate.

Virtual Desktop Specifications 

Virtual desktop pricing is per user per month and can be any combination of the above. Desktops can be added, removed, or changed to a different performance level at any time. Laptops estimated separately. Customer to supply “personal devices” including monitors, keyboards, mice & printers.

Financial Benefits

Zero Capx

Never buy another computer,  conserve your capital to grow your business.

reduced opx

Modernize your information systems and enjoy the monthly savings.


Don’t get locked into fixed IT costs, scale your IT with the flip of a switch.

Break the cycle

Never face the costs and disruption of another IT upgrade cycle.

peace of mind

Know your business is proactively manged and reduce the risk of costly downtime or worse.

US-Based Support

Don’t wait and pay for expensive on-site visits, get immediate remote support from our San Diego based team.

Request a Quote

Complete the following for a preliminary estimate. Your final proposal will require a no-obligation network evaluation. 

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